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International College of Peace Studies is a Biblical, theological  and Pastoral  training institution, that has responded to the need for peace building and transformation in our communities.
 International College of Peace Studies is a constituent school of God’s Bible College that was founded in 2016. International College of Peace Studies began offering  gradual  programmes in various parts of the country, drawing students from all walks of life representing various nationalities.
In 2019, The International College of Peace Studies began offering certificates in Peacemaking programmes, as an approved institution for  accreditation  by the Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries, Missouri, United States of America. The International College of Peace Studies is now registered in the Republic of  Kenya, pursuance of TVET authority in Ministry of Education.
UNESCO.go.ke defines TVET as an education authority that encompasses the full range of skills that are needed for, in the world of work. UNESCO, implies TVET  as a lifelong perspective of learning, which seeks to guarantee equality of opportunity  for all.
UNESCO has lead global debates by advocating for the rethinking of TVET in enhancing its role in developing more equitable and sustainable societies.
UNESCO’s Strategy for TVET (2010-2015) identifies three main areas of work for the Organization: policy advice and capacity development; setting international standards, monitoring; and knowledge sharing.                                                                                                           The global framework that guides collective action in support of the development of TVET was defined at the Third International Congress on TVET (Shanghai, 2012) organized by UNESCO.
 The certificate in theology, pastoral training and peace programme offers students formation and training in a contextualized theology that equips them to transform the contemporary context of church and society. Just as the theology programme seeks to form transformers of the world, so also the peacemaking studies programme seeks to educate and form women and men who are equipped with appropriate skills and competence for conflict transformation and peace building. contexts.


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Our Core Values

As a non-profit Institution, we are funded by programs that we offer and many different churches who believe with us that the solution to current world issues is found through the transformation of  peoples’ hearts as they find  peace with God  through peace education programs. ICOPS organization is based  upon this  understanding. We are open to all who wish to engage in the peace and education around the world.