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Ambassadorial Peace Code Of Honor

The International College of  Peace  Studies confers  Ambassadorial Code  of Honor to individuals  of high profile in their service in their communities and countries.

Individuals invited for the conferment Ambassadorial Peace Code of Honor shall:

  1. Possess widely recognized calling/talent and accomplishments in the democracy, peace building, education, women development, media, religious harmony, child development, arts, sciences, literature, sport or other fields of public life:
  2. Be persons of integrity who demonstrate a strong desire to help mobilize public interest in, and support for, the purposes and principles peace education set  herein by the International College Of Peace Studies, and who demonstrate the commitment and proven potential to reach out to significant audiences, including decision makers;
  3. Possess the personality and dignity required for such high level representative capacity;
  4. Normally be influential beyond their national borders, thus having the ability to promote the values set herein by International College Of Peace Studies, nationally and internationally;

Be knowledgeable about International College Of Peace Studies, goals and activities and be able to articulate them.