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How To Become A Chaplain

The first step is to attend a Basic Chaplain’s Training. This initial training is a 3-day intensive school that covers an overview of what makes a Chaplain. You will leave with the tools to start you in this calling.

The next step is to fill out your application and send it in. We do accept other organizations Basic Chaplain training when you transfer to ICOPS as your covering.

Who can be a Chaplain? Anyone who is called to be a Chaplain.

  • Do you feel called to serve people in need? In crisis?
  • Do you feel called to minister to ALL people regardless of race, religion or age?
  • Do you feel called to share the love of Christ with others.

Chaplains serve in all walks of life. Hospitals, HOSPICE, Fire & Rescue, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Military, Workforce, Corporations, Veterans, and so much more. Everywhere you step there is a need of the gospel of peace.

BAS Minor in Chaplaincy Program

Chaplaincy training prepares you for ministry within secular environments such as law enforcement, first responders, sports, marketplace, disaster, community, and faith-based ministries. If you are an undergraduate student or an applicant for the undergraduate program, you can now get chaplaincy training through our Biblical Arts Studies Minor in Chaplaincy program.

The first course in this program, CH-311 Awareness of Chaplaincy Ministry, is a specialized program  offered during  summer, winter and springs  semester. If you want to begin your journey to be a chaplain, be sure to register.

Minor in Chaplaincy has a total of 18 credits of Chaplaincy training, which includes 2 credits of Chistian Chaplaincy CPE (Chplaincy Pastoral Education). CPE is a pre-requisite for securing a hospice position in most hospice agencies. Completing CPE credits does not guarantee employment in a hospice agency but it pre-qualifies you to apply for it in agencies that has it as a requirement. CPE courses will be offered starting in the Fall semester 2019.

We try to equip individuals as well as future generations in general with educational tools of critical thinking, peace building, and conflict resolution competencies by offering  educational programs  that is available to everybody. Reaching everybody means that these courses are created   as an educational concept that is acceptable and practical within every type of culture.  This course emulsifies with the cultural background and language of the student and allows him or her to become a unique Christian Professional Peace Chaplain. In this way, the International College of Peace Studies  offer the only worldwide achievable training that respects and works with global diversity in its peace chaplaincy  trainings with its partner organizations.