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Global Center for Diplomatic Peace Network is USA based non-governmental, global community network of professionals, diplomats, and humanitarian organizations in humanitarian services.
We specialize in global humanitarian diplomacy services, international consultancy, high-level training for global professional leaders in practical career development.
The Global Center for Diplomatic Peace Network unites a network towards purposeful global engagement by providing a uniting platforms, and tools for organizations that offer opportunities for individuals and organizations for career development.
The Network works to advance global influence in professional humanitarian services beneficial to its members in the fields of peace-building, conflict resolution, dialogues, and consultancy to NGO’s, and governments agencies.
The Global Center for Diplomatic Peace Network is a membership program that unites recognizes, them that are committed to advancing purposeful global engagement at community, and national level providing them with a common platform from which to share, participate, and learn in this important community.
The Center provides platforms, efforts, and serves as a hub of best practices, recognition, and visibility, equipping organizations with tools and resources to enhance their impact and broaden their reach to their goals. Join us today!